1590 E Asbury Avenue, Denver CO 80210 Corner Uplift Roof – Thomson Residence

by Chris Chidley | Published June 7, 2019

In 2019 we started a unique project, to build the first new modern ranch house in the DU neighborhood, versus a typical 2 story house

Collaborating with the client, we designed a 4000 sf corner house and moved the front traditional entry to the side street for a more midcentury entry to the home.

An open plan interior with a large uplifted roof unites the main floor of the house, giving the client a private social area separate from the adjacent corner streets. The exposed outer rooms playfully jut in and out, but still achieve privacy with smaller windows.

Currently near completion awaiting landscape, see video link for animation

The Bow House

by admin_edje | Published June 4, 2019

1745 W 35th Avenue 80211 Bow House


by admin_edje | Published June 4, 2019

Craftsman Staggered Roof pop top

W 35th Avenue, West Highlands, Denver CO 80211

In a row of craftsman’s bungalows, homeowner selected our custom second floor addition with the staggered front roof scaling the house to a 1 1/2 story appearance.

Porch truss designed above with beams to support the new roof on front and rear. Slender columns extend a covered deck on the rear.

Custom bay windows and chimney are added to the side elevation to enhance the look of this classic addition.


by admin_edje | Published May 23, 2019